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Each year, tens of millions of Americans fall victim to identity theft. Restoring your identity and credit can be a lengthy, costly, and confusing process.

InfoArmor® offers PrivacyArmor® to help safeguard your finances, reputation, and credit against theft and abuse.

Protect Your Identity Today. It’s Easy with PrivacyArmor!

PrivacyArmor Features

  • Dark Web Monitoring and Wallet Protection Dark Web Monitoring and Wallet Protection
    • Our Dark Web Monitoring feature scours the dark web for any credentials entered into our lost wallet protection tool. Not only will this help you quickly replace the contents of a lost or stolen wallet, we will also alert you if any of those credentials, like a driver’s license number or credit card number, are exposed on the dark web.

  • Financial Transaction Monitoring Financial Transaction Monitoring
    • PrivacyArmor helps you achieve financial wellness by monitoring and notifying you of suspicious activities associated with your financial accounts. With Threshold Monitoring, you can monitor your online financial transactions, including checking, debit, and savings, all in one place.

      Additionally, with Financial Transaction Monitoring you can take greater control of your finances with alerts that are triggered from additional data sources beyond just credit, debit, and checking accounts. These proactive alerts can help prevent multiple fraudulent transactions and even stop the withdrawal of stolen funds, giving you peace of mind that your finances are secure.

  • Your Digital Identity Report Your Digital Identity Report
    • The internet is far more than what you see in a Google search, and even if you frequent the deep and dark web, you could easily never realize that your identity, credit, or credentials have been compromised. Our deep internet searches find out your potential exposure to fraud before you feel its detrimental effects. With a Digital Identity Report, you can review your digital footprint across websites, social media, and online directories with an easy-to-read snapshot of your exposed information online. You can then secure your personal information through actionable tips in your report.

  • Full-Service Remediation Full-Service Remediation
    • In the unfortunate event that you fall victim to identity theft or fraud, a dedicated Privacy Advocatewill guide and manage your full recovery process, restoring your credit, identity, accounts, finances, and your sense of security. Privacy Advocates are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can get help right when you need it.

  • Identity Theft Insurance Policy Identity Theft Insurance Policy
    • If you fall victim to identity theft, our identity theft insurance policy included with PrivacyArmor reimburses many of your out-of-pocket costs. We will reimburse theft-related expenses like lost wages, legal fees, medical record request fees, mailing fees, child care costs, and more while we help you get your identity restored.

For more information, download the PrivacyArmor Product Overview PDF.
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