Protect Your Identity Today, It’s Easy with PrivacyArmor!

Last year 13 million Americans fell victim to identity theft. Now you can put PrivacyArmor to work safeguarding your finances, reputation and credit. Peace of mind is just a few minutes away.

PrivacyArmor Offers Comprehensive Identity and Privacy Protection

  • SNAPD 2.0

    Identity Monitoring

    Identity monitoring helps uncover fraud fast. Now with high risk transaction alerts, more fraud is detected sooner, including unauthorized account access, fund transfers and password resets.

  • CreditArmor


    CreditArmor makes it easy to monitor your credit. An annual credit report, monthly credit scores and monitoring of your TransUnion credit file are now available free of charge.

  • WalletArmor


    WalletArmor is an online vault for securely storing documents, credit cards and online accounts, plus a lost wallet replacement service. It also monitors the Underground Internet for your cards.

  • Digital_Identity

    Digital Identity

    Digital Identity offers an easy-to-read report that not only summarizes what a real-time deep Internet search finds out about you, but also offers a Privacy Grade with tips to secure your information.